Machine learning will touch everybody's life

Abdulsalam Mahmud, FASLN

On his part, Prof. Isa Husseini Marte, who is the Commissioner of Higher Education in Borno State, Nigeria, emphasised the need for the winners and other students to be passionate, hardworking and set lofty goals, if they desire to become world-class scientists or professionals in other science fields, in future.

Husseini Marte, a Professor of Pharmacology, also advised them to have role models and mentors they will look up to for sound tutelage and professional guidance.

While noting that scientists, in the last one century, have transformed the universe by helping to fast-track development globally, the Borno State Commissioner, said: “It is paramount for you to have role models and mentors. But the most important thing, and our greatest expectation on you is that you eventually achieve greater scientific feats, more than what your mentors and role models achieved.”

No Country in Africa Invests 1% of GDP into Research--Scientists

Abdulsalam Mahmud, FASLN

Africa, as a continent, is desirous of attaining rapid scientific growth and technological development. It is the only way for it to catch up with its peers—Europe, Asia, Central America, Australia, and South America. But at the moment, none of its 54 countries invests as much as 1% of their Gross Domestic Products (GDP) into research and development (R&D), as recommended by the African Union (AU). A university scholar, Dr. Mahmoud Bukar Maina, and some researchers said the inability to meet this R&D funding target has somewhat affected Africa’s research output and innovations.

Fast-tracking Scientific, National Development: The NAS Story

Abdulsalam Mahmud FASLN

It is over four decades, and still counting. This is after it was birthed. But how did it came to being? “The Academy emerged largely from the Science Association of Nigeria (SAN). A Committee comprising eminent Fellows of SAN was set-up. The Committee, after carrying out its delegated assignment, reported back to SAN. In reporting back, the Committee selected about 42 eminent scientists at that time, who they taught should be foundation-members of Nigerian Academy of Science (NAS). So, NAS was set up, and the Academy was inaugurated on the 8 of January, 1977,” said Prof. David Okali.



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