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Hussaini Umar

Hussaini Umar

Editor, Kano Reporters

"To me, science reporting is using a scientific approach to report human and physical developments, socio-economic growth, good governance, social justice and the rule of law, which altogether, are indisputably the pillars of democracy"

Hussaini Umar is Kano based journalist, filmmaker and researcher. Since 1996, Hussaini Umar is a freelance journalist, reporter, guest columnist and news writer with Kano state Ministry of Information, Home Affairs, Sports and Culture, a government official news bulletin. He served as a news reporter from 1997-2000. As ViewFinder Newspaper, he served as writer on economics, politics and science issues from 2003 to 2015, and as a weekly columnist for Leadership Hausa Newspaper on matters concerning business, firms, and issues related to natural sciences and information communication technology. Hussaini Umar has presented at local, national and international forums, seminars and workshops regarding issues related to the ecosystem, human migration from one country to another, human trafficking, economy, good governance and the rule of law organized by Societal Re-Orientation Agency (2005), British Council’s Reel Dialogue Connecting Future Project (2006) and other various organizations. He has presented at the National Institute of Journalism, Johannesburg South Africa 2013, UNESCO’s conference for Media and Information Literacy in Vilnius, Lithuania 2017, and Universities of Tahoua and Damagaram (Zinder) Niger Republic in 2017 and 2018 respectively. In 2015 Hussaini Umar conducted a voluntary research on abandoned science and technology projects in some tertiary institutions in Kano state, titled ‘Why Science and Technology Projects in Tertiary Institutions Were Dumped: Kano School of Technology Case Study’. Currently, Hussaini Umar is an African Science Literacy Network (ASLN) Fellow and an editor with Kano Reporters an online news website. Hussaini Umar is also a filmmaker with his own production company 1 Take Mass Media Nigeria.

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