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Dr Paul Adepoju

Dr Paul Adepoju

Lecturer, Babcock University Nigeria/Freelance Journalist

"Science and journalism are intertwined in their pench ant and affinity for facts and truth. Thus, the impact of a perfect blend of fact-based science and truth-driven journalism on the Nigerian society is expected to be of seismic magnitude”

Paul Adepoju is a Nigeria-based freelance journalist, academic, and author. He covers science, health and tech in Africa for leading local and international media outlets including CNN, Quartz, Devex, The Lancet, SciDev.Net and several others. He's also the founder of He is completing a doctorate in cell biology and genetics and holds several reporting awards in health and tech. His research interests include tuberculosis, immunogenetics of infectious diseases and a wide range of non-communicable diseases including the prediction and early detection of cancers in resource-limited settings. He also teaches histopathology, cytogenetics and immunology at Babcock University Nigeria. IN addition to the fellowship at African Science Literacy Network, Paul has also participated in fellowship programs organised the African Academy of Science, UK Research & Innovation and several others. 

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