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Dr Mohammed S. Jaafaru

Dr Mohammed S. Jaafaru

Lecturer, Kaduna State University, Nigeria

"Nothing in science has value to society if it is not well communicated. Fortunately, scientists are begining to learn that this is their social obligation"

M. S. Jaafaru as popularly called by colleagues, is a lecturer/researcher at the Department of Biochemistry, Kaduna State University, Kaduna-Nigeria. Jaafaru specialised in molecular neuroscience, specifically, exploration of molecular mechanism of action of natural products in neuronal protection or regeneration. He is currently working on antiaging and neuroprotective effect of a compound isolated from African medicinal plant. M. S. Jaafaru is a commendable motivator who thrives on positive outcomes and seeks opportunities to continue learning and growing. His ultimate goal is to provide service to humanity, touch the lives of less privileged people and change the negative perception of science to positive direction via effective communication with the little resources within his reach.

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