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Dr Kazeem O. Ajeigbe

Dr Kazeem O. Ajeigbe

Lecturer, Igbinedion University, Okada, Nigeria

“Connecting Gown and Town by Communicating Science for Optimum Growth and Development of African Society”

Dr Kazeem Olasunkanmi Ajeigbe is a doctorate degree holder in Physiology from the University of Ibadan, Nigeria. He also bagged Master and Bachelor of Science degrees from the same university. As an undergraduate, he was an Islamic Development Bank (IDB) scholar from 1998-2001. He currently teaches Physiology in the School of Basic Medical Sciences, Igbinedion University, where he has served for over ten years now, not only as a teacher and administrator but a fine and committed researcher. He is an associate member of Gastrointestinal Secretion and Inflammation Research Laboratory in the Department of Physiology, University of Ibadan. The forte of his research activities and interests centre on gastric secretion, inflammation and carcinogenesis with special interest on how xenobiotics and dietary factors affect the gastric ulcer healing process and, development and progression of carcinoma using biochemical, cellular and molecular approaches. Besides his love for gastrointestinal physiology, he also collaborates with haematologists and immunologists on the effects of medicinal plants on clinically important haematological parameters. He has published several research articles in peer-reviewed journals, as evidence of his research efforts. His new interest is on the impact of heat stress on intestinal integrity and homeostasis, and the possible role of dietary factors intervention. He is a recipient of several grants to support his research activities, conference and workshop attendance, both locally and internationally. In 2014, he got the 'Most Outstanding Research Award' at the International Union of Physiological Sciences (IUPS)/Physiological Society of Nigeria (PSN) Teaching and Research Workshop held in Lagos, Nigeria. In 2016, he received the 'Best Presentation Award' at the 7th International Congress of African Association of Physiological Sciences (AAPS), held in Lagos, Nigeria. He is a member of the editorial board of African Journal of Biomedical Research (AJBR), and reviews for highly-rated international journals like Human and Experimental Toxicology (HET), Journal of Biosciences and Medicine (JBM) etc. He is a member of the Physiological Society of Nigeria (PSN), African Association of Physiological Sciences (AAPS), and The Physiological Society, London.


Dr Kazeem Ajeigbe's experience is not limited to teaching and research alone within the four walls of the university. He is a Non-Executive Director, Fullmoon Pharmacy Limited, Osogbo, Nigeria; Member, Governing Council, Mercy College of Health Sciences and Technology, Osogbo, Nigeria. He conceived Afriscience Communications and had it duly registered under the Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC) in 2018, to develop a platform for communicating science in partnership with professional videographers for better understanding and appreciation of science and research to all and sundry. He possesses excellent communication and interpersonal skills. He is married with children.

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