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Dr Adamu Abubakar Sadeeq

Dr Adamu Abubakar Sadeeq

Lecturer, Human Anatomy Department, Ahmadu Bello University

"Scientific breakthroughs will be more relevant and useful when the society understands and appreciates research outcomes. This can be achieved through scientific communication and journalism."

Dr Adamu Abubakar Sadeeq obtained his bachelor’s degree in Human anatomy with major in neuroscience from Ahmadu Bello University, (ABU) Nigeria, in 2010. His MSc in 2012, focused on the analysis of Mercury toxicity in the brain using neutron activation analysis (NAA-1) and evaluating cognitive and motor impairment due to heavy metal (mercury) exposure. Sadeeq completed his PhD in 2017, where his research addressed low mercury exposure on the central nervous system. He studied how mercury could lead to beta-amyloid accumulation, alteration of neurotransmitters in pathological conditions. Sadeeq has a teaching position with the Human Anatomy Department, Ahmadu Bello University, Nigeria.
He was awarded Fellowship of African Science Literacy Network, Nigeria, in 2019. Since 2018, he serves as the Assitant Secretary-General, Anatomical Society of Nigeria (ASN). He is a member of the Neuroscience Society of Nigeria (NSN), Society of Neuroscientists of Africa (SONA), and International Society of neurochemistry (ISN). His passion for neuroscience teaching and research was broadened by the international brain research organisation (IBRO). An alumnus of IBRO-ISN, university of Ibadan, 2013; IBRO visiting academics to University of Cape Town, 2017; 4th and 5thIBRO-UM5 Alumni, 2018. Rabat; IBRO –Writing Paper Workshop, 2019. An alumnus of basic, intermediary and advance support of training and mentoring in Nigeria for academics (STAMINA) program, 2019; TReND alumni, 2017, ABU-TReND contact Person (MoU) 2018-date and a beneficiary of Medical education partnership initiative, Nigeria (MEPIN/ABU).

Sadeeq served as a resource person/facilitator in various workshops and pre-conference training. He has served as a member of numerous conferences/workshop organising committee. With passion, he is also involved in TReND and DrosoNigeria outreach and engagement activities. He enjoys travelling and meeting new people for the exchange of ideas and diversification for the benefits of humanity. 

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