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Charles Agwam

Charles Agwam

Journalist, Vanguard Newspapers

"Science does not only help us to meet our everyday needs. It serves as a constant reminder to us that we don't own this earth, we owe it to our children and their future"

Charles Agwam is a journalist with a special interest in science reporting. He writes for Vanguard Newspapers, one of Nigeria's most widely read newspapers. In August 2018 he wrote an article titled "Bauchi residents at risk of cancer, impotency - Medical experts" to expose the dangers of storing packaged water under direct sunlight. The story gained the attention of the Bauchi state government, and a policy was made banning such method of storing water. Within the space of a year, he wrote many science-related articles, including an investigation he did to enlighten the public on why they should avoid drinking "zobo" and "kunu" from reused plastic containers/bottles. The article, "Health Alert: Drinking Zobo, Kunu in reused bottles can expose consumers to TB, hepatitis – Medical professionals" stayed in the 'most read' category of Vanguard's online platform for over 3 weeks. Because of his love for science and its application, he is keen about collaborating with scientists to open new frontiers for thoughts provoking researches and scientific findings that might help solve some human problems.

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