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Muhammad Bukar Umara

Muhammad Bukar Umara

Photojournalist, Co-Development Hub

“Effective science communication helps in the advancement of scientific research and improvement of the delivery of healthcare services”

Muhammad Bukar Umara is a documentary photographer and a digital storyteller. He's also a research student at the Nigerian Defence Academy Kaduna (NDA), pursuing a Master of Science in Biotechnology. Muhammad is a passionate science communicator and storyteller. He has consulted for USAID, Equal Access and the National Geography (NatGeo). Muhammad is also consulting for Media houses in and outside Nigeria as a photojournalist. As a Biotechnologist and a photojournalist, he's passionate about intersecting his duo expertise to strategically communicate science for public understanding and counter narrative. In 2019, he was inducted as a fellow of the African Science Literacy Network after the Science Communication Workshop. He's currently working on promoting science communication in partnership with researchers actively engaged in research.

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