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Khadija Ishaq Bawas

Khadija Ishaq Bawas

Reporter, Liberty TV/Radio

“Science and Journalism are interwoven. Science discovers facts. Journalism illuminates and modifies the facts for proper communication”

Khadija Ishaq Bawas is a young Journalists who ventured into Journalism in Late 2017 Reporting For Liberty TV /Radio and freelancing for TimeBase Tv - an Independent Online News Outlet. She is a journalist with a special interest in telling stories about life, new Inventions and plights of the common people. She regularly reports Science/Health in the media. In 2015, Khadija emerged as Nigerian Television Authority's (NTA) TV College winner of Best News Report which focused on 101 Benefits of Beetroot.  In 2017, Khadija's outstanding performance won her NTA Kano's commendation as the Best Outgoing Youth Corp Member of the year after serving as Programme Manager for Kano State History and Culture Bureau 2016 /2017. In 2018, she became a Board Director of an independent media production outfit - Azmeerah Production Limited. 

Recently she was part of the inductees as Change Ambassador for Peace and Humanity by Youth Education and Leadership Initiative (YELI). Khadija is also a Fellow African Science Literacy Network 2019. She has attended various workshops to build further her competence in her profession. 

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