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Justina Asishana

Justina Asishana

Correspondent, The Nation Newspaper

"Science encompasses all facets of human life, but sadly, it has been under-reported in Nigeria and Africa. It is a privilege to be part of this remarkable group who will shed more light on science and scientific development in Nigeria"

Justina Asisha is award-winning Journalist and the Niger state correspondent for The Nation Newspaper, a general interest newspaper that covers general topics, education, health, science, agriculture, politics etc. Justina has previously worked at the New Nigerian newspaper and Daily Newswatch newspaper as the Niger state correspondent. Under her watch as the Niger state correspondent of The Nation Newspaper, she has been able to increase the circulation of the newspaper across the state and ensure her newspaper does not miss any breaking stories happening in and around Niger state. She has been able to report breaking and developmental stories that have brought the attention of the government to the plight of the people. Justina is a data and investigative journalist who has done some investigative reporting for her media organisation, The Nation Newspaper, the International Center for Investigative Reporting, and the Wole Soyinka Center for Investigative Journalism. Justina was recently inducted as a Dubawa Fellow, a fact-checking fellowship to combat misinformation in the state and nation; a Wole Soyinka Report Women Fellow; she is the 2019 ONE Champion in Niger state and was the ICFJ 2018 Safety Fellow. Justina is not afraid to explore new topics as she is always open and ready to learn new things in the field of journalism. She loves to read, write, explore the internet, travel, experiment with data tools and advocate for the rights of the people.

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