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Anthonia Obokoh

Anthonia Obokoh

Journalist,  BusinessDay Media Ltd

“Open-mindedness is one of the fundamental aims of science communication, always elusive but eminently worth pursuing”

Anthonia Obokoh is a health journalist with over three years of working experience. She is currently the Health Editor at BusinessDay Media Limited, West Africa’s leading provider of business intelligence and information on diversified media platforms. 


Ms Obokoh is responsible for conducting interviews with industry experts in the healthcare sector, including stakeholders, medical personnel and patients on the subject being worked on. She won the Nordica Media Merit Award in 2019 for reporting issues relating to fertility in Nigeria. Ms Obokoh holds a Master’s Degree in Employment Relations and Human Resource Management from the University of Lagos, Akoka, Lagos State and Bachelor’s Degree in Sociology from the University of Abuja, Nigeria.


As the Health Editor, she also crafts reports and writes data-driven articles about health issues in Africa’s most populous nation. Ms Obokoh is a highly motivated and result-oriented professional with a wide range of network across various sectors of the economy.

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